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Jay Bird has spent her life writing.

Poetry, songs, short stories, novels, journals, concerts - creating is part of her DNA.

A teacher of over twenty-two years, Jay Bird is motivated to inspire more than just the students she teaches face-to-face.

She believes writing is a high vibrational activity that has the capacity to bring great joy into the world.

Igniting the imagination of children and inspiring teenagers to read and write, is Jay Bird's motivation.

When Jay Bird is not writing, or hanging with family, she runs, hikes, gardens, reads and creates beautiful light features made of crystals, lights and wood under the name, Jay Bird Creator. 

She has composed lots of music for children and schools and you can find some of her work on YouTube under KJ Compositions. 

The worst song she ever wrote, Dinosaurs Lived Long Ago, has nineteen million views.

Jay Bird likes to travel to interesting places and hopes to have published five books before turning fifty so she can pack up her van and travel to regional areas to work with young readers and writers.

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